We're here to celebrate global tradition

(and because haroset is too good to eat once a year)

Shalom, I'm Michael

Growing up, I spent each Passover devouring my mom’s haroset. My least favorite part: Once I hit the bottom of the bowl, I’d wait a year to refill.

So, I whipped up Schmutz.

A bowl of vanilla ice cream topped with Schmutz Fig & Pistachio Haroset, next to a jar of Schmutz Fig & Pistachio Haroset, all on a deep purple background. Fig & Pistachio Haroset

It’s a spreadable, snackable, everyday haroset that’s good on everything. Cheese plates, oatmeal, yogurt, sandwiches, ice cream, or just straight from the jar.

And no, this isn't my mom's haroset.

Every Schmutz recipe is inspired by diverse Jewish families around the world, who, for thousands of years, have offered their take on this time-tested topping of nuts, fruits, and spices.

That's part of what I love about Jews. We maintain tradition by playing with tradition, bringing it to life with whatever ingredients we’ve got on hand.

And that's what we’re about at Schmutz.

I hope you'll join us.